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Custom solutions

Example of custom configuration of RACK-SAT shelf:

Distribution of cable TV DVB-C or terrestrial DVB-T / DVB-T2 signals

I. Requirements as specified by customer:

  1. I need to split cable TV signal to several rooms.
  2. Alternatively I want to split digital terrestrial television signals from DTT antennas.
  3. I have got 5 pcs of TV sets now.
  4. I need everything to be installed inside wall mounted 19” rack box of 45cm depth.

II. Our technical proposal:

2U RACK-SAT shelf of 38cm depth equipped with the following devices:

  1. WISI Communications VX 87 broadband amplifier.
  2. Antenna combiner for UHF i VHF III bands, output signal is named TERR.
  3. LTE filter for reduction of strong interfering signals.
  4. Set of signal splitters for 6 outputs.

III. Front panel design:

Rack-SAT Custom Schema

It is possible to deliver either CATV or TERR. signal to the input connector.

IV. Real solution:

Coax cables from TV outlets shall be connected to F connectors located on right side.

Rack-SAT Custom Splitter

It is enough to connect signal cables from DTT antennas and start automatic tuning of DTT programs.

Alternatively it is necessary to disconnect the white coax cable from input connector before connecting DVB-C signal.

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