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Patchpanel 1HU


32 x Port F Patch Panel 19” for TV, SAT, CCTV

The 32 x F / 1RU is a 32 port 1RU 19” rack mountable F patch panel which is a great solution for any coax network like TV, SAT, CCTV and secure cable management.

The 32 x F / 1RU offers clearly labelled and space effective F pass through panel which is ideal for termination of any type of 75Ω coax cables like RG 59, RG 6, RG 11 etc.

The panel is equipped with high quality “F” connectors with unique patented contact for inner cable conductor.

Integrated backplane cable organizer allows secure fixing of coax cables with cable ties and thus all cable connections are protected against kinking or excessive cable bending.

The backplane allows convenient management of cable bundles as well.


Technical specifications:

• 32 high quality F-type connectors provide low insertion loss in the full frequency band

• Backplane cable organizer protect the cables against excessive bending or kinking near F connector

• Increased number of F connectors offers 50% more efficient space usage compared to similar products

• M4 screw for convenient grounding connection

• 1 RU height

• Mounting holes for 19” rack

• Color: black

Typical application example in 19” rack


These patchpanels offer high density cable installation as shown on pictures above. Such installation requires proper routing of cable bundles inside the 19” rack. It is advised to make horizontal loop of cable bundle separately for each patchpanel in order to enable its easy removal from the rack if necessary.