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Quick design of a multiswitch installation

Jak zaprojektować instalację multiswitchową

Zakończenie kabli ze wszystkich lokali mieszkalnych

Step 1

Finish the cables from all apartments on the switch panels. One panel of the switchboard falls on one cascade of multiswitches. For e.g. 45 apartments, 3 switch panels should be used.

Patchpanel 1HU

Patchpanel 1HU

Patchpanel 1HU

A set of 3 patch panels 1HU RACK-SAT allows to terminate coaxial cables with max. 48 apartments

Planning the number of multiswitch cascades

Step 2

Plan the appropriate number of multiswitch cascades. Each cascade consists of the active multiswitch DY 04 / DY 06 / DY 08 and the passive multiswitch DY 94A / DY 96A / DY 98A.

For e.g. 45 apartments, 3 cascades of multiswitches are sufficient:

  1. DY 08 + DY 98A = 16 apartments
  2. DY 08 + DY 98A = 16 apartments
  3. DY 08 + DY 96A = 14 apartments

Altogether there are 46 subscriber ports.

Choose the right number of racks. 2 fixed racks are enough for 3 cascades of multiswitches.

Twin Multi 2HU

Twin Multi 2HU

The set of 2 Twin multi 2HU RACK-SAT allows installation of up to 4 cascades of multiswitches.

Choosing the right amplifier

Step 3

For each cascade of multiswitches, the following signals should be connected: FM radio 90dBµV, DVB-T TV 96dBµV, satellite signals 80dBµV.

Choose the right amplifier – usually one rack with a DY 90 amplifier is enough

Amplifier 2HU

Amplifier 2HU RACK-SAT with DY 90 amplifier and 4-way splitter set.

Selection of multiswitch installation

Step 4

Supply signals from terrestrial antennas and satellite antennas to the DY 90 amplifier. The levels of these signals should be not less than: FM radio 83dBµV, DVB-T television 86dBµV, satellite signals 70dBµV.

Tap 1HU

Tap 10dB 1HU RACK-SAT with SAT signal taps.

Signal distribution via coaxial or optical fiber cables can be performed in larger installations. You can use panels with signal taps, an additional DY 90 amplifier in a smaller 1HU rack, etc.

In fiber optic installations a rack with fiber optic receivers should be used.

Fiber optic 1HU

Fiber optic 1HU RACK-SAT with fiber optic receivers.

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